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Some friends have asked me this: I really want to make my home beautiful, but I have no money. What should I do? I have to say: wait until you have money. Of course, this is a joke between friends. It's very disrespectful to say this to customers

it's true. I can't help it if I really don't have money. It's hard for a clever woman to make bricks without straw. Now the house price is so expensive that it is not easy to buy a house. There are still a lot of furniture, appliances and so on; Young people, in particular, want results, but their economic foundation is weak. However, there is a way to spend as little money as possible if you plan carefully:

first, plan in advance and spend money on the blade. First of all, we should calculate how much money we have in hand, and then look at what aspects of money we need to use, putting what we need to use first. Building a home is a comprehensive and complex work, involving hard decoration, soft decoration, furniture, electrical appliances and other categories, all of which cost money. Some, such as floors, floor tiles, wall tiles, lamps and sanitary wares in hard decoration; Kitchen utensils in electrical appliances; Curtains in soft decoration; The sofa, bed, dining table, etc. in the furniture generally must first consider the investigation, so as to have a bottom in mind. Usually these account for 50% - 70% of the total cost. These above have control and plan, the cost will not overspend too much

second, find an excellent home decoration designer. I have always emphasized the importance of home decoration designers before, and this time is no exception. Because a designer is an expert (I said before the conditions for becoming a qualified home decoration designer), he knows how to control materials and save costs, and can maximize the use of limited funds to create the maximum effect

third, determine what engineering projects you need. In home decoration projects, some such as floor, floor tile and wall tile laying; Fabrication and installation of doors and windows; Kitchen wall cabinet; Storage, hanging wardrobe, etc. are necessary, and the rest of the projects are done to create decorative effects. You need to choose those that can really produce results and those that can be removed in the project. Of course, you also need to do some of these things (otherwise, why do you find a designer?). My suggestion is: focus on the living room, dining room and study, highlight one or two highlights, and use an appropriate amount of ceiling in the living room and dining room, and skillfully use soft decoration and lighting to produce effects. Of course, we should pay attention to the opinions of home decoration designers

fourth, be independent. Customers often say to me like this: ah, my friend's floor is good, my friend said that the XX brand bathtub is good, and they all use xx brand latex paint &hellip& hellip;。 In fact, these may make your pocket more than you make ends meet. In fact, you need to know more and compare more when choosing home decoration materials and items. Good advertising products are not necessarily the most suitable for you. Ordinary prices are not necessarily without good quality. You must have your own ideas

v. find a home decoration company with high cost performance and high reputation. Do not think that the price of formal home decoration companies must be very expensive. Formal home decoration companies generally have better designers. Regular home decoration companies can provide material quality, high-quality workmanship and perfect services that ordinary third rate companies or home decoration guerrillas cannot give. Imagine that when your house has quality problems such as water leakage and power failure, you can't find the person in charge; When you are halfway through the project, you find that the material quality is poor and the construction level is poor; The project that obviously only needs 60 days to complete has been delayed for half a year; When signing the contract, it's 30000 yuan. After the project is completed, I tell you that the actual need is 50000 yuan. If you don't give it, you can dismantle it &hellip& hellip; These are all possible. As long as you share one thing, it will be a great waste of your money

the above are some of my suggestions. I wish you the least money to build your most perfect home! (Nanjing Interior Designer: Li Haiming)




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