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Baidesheng, as the first customized wardrobe brand in China, has gone through 14 years of trials and tribulations so far. On May 29th, 2015, the first phase of the new plant in Suzhou, covering an area of 75 Mu and an investment of 100million, was officially put into operation and a grand launch ceremony was held

auspicious stars shine on the beautiful land, and purple Qi refers to the new beam

Yum! Brands, as the first customized wardrobe brand in China, has gone through 14 years of ups and downs. On May 29th, 2015, the first phase of the new plant in Suzhou, covering an area of 75 Mu and an investment of 100million, was officially put into operation and a grand launch ceremony was held. This marks that after 14 years of hard work and honing, with the help of capital, the perfect combination of capital and platform has laid the cornerstone for the new take-off of Yum! Brands, and Yum! Brands will quickly embark on another new journey

the 75 Mu new plant of Suzhou phase I rose

at 9 a.m., the guests walked into the new plant of BDS Suzhou on the red carpet

over the past 14 years, yum! Brands has always adhered to the spirit of "self-improvement", and has not given up the direction of progress. On May 29, the commissioning ceremony of BDS wardrobe Suzhou factory was grandly held in Suzhou new factory of FENHU Economic Development Zone in Suzhou. More than 400 leaders including liushuxiong, the chairman of Bestwin wardrobe, Zhang Jian, the executive president, Yang Zhijun, the vice president of production, Huang Jianguo, Ma xiubao, the director of customer service, Zhang Hui, CAI Jie, the assistant president, Liu Guocai, the vice president of marketing, he Yonggang, Wu Huifang, Wu Xinyuan, Shi Xudong of Dell group, and representatives of Bestwin dealers and news media friends from all regions of the country attended the launch ceremony

Mr. Liu Shuxiong, chairman of Yum! Brands, delivered a welcome speech

at 9:30 sharp, the celebration officially kicked off amid the auspicious, festive and sonorous sound of gongs and drums and the vigorous lion dance. The chairman of Paterson first delivered a welcome speech. He said, "the production of Suzhou factory has provided a new supply platform for the majority of dealers, which can not only provide higher quality products, but also shorten the transportation distance in some areas, reduce logistics costs and shorten the delivery cycle. Dividends benefit many dealer families..."

in his speech, Mr. Zhang Jian, executive president of Yum! Brands, said, "Yum! Brands has doubled its performance from tens of millions to 240million in 2014 in only two years. In 2015, yum! Brands put forward three major campaigns of" production capacity, whole house and environmental protection ". The smooth operation of Suzhou factory is the concrete embodiment of our production capacity campaign. The commissioning of the new plant in Suzhou has also invested a lot of efforts of Yum Brands. I am very grateful to the people of Yum Brands who are fighting on the front line. The smooth operation of the new plant in Suzhou will promote Yum! From an industrial product brand to a mass brand, and will also create a new legend of the continuous doubling of Yum! S performance. In the future, yum! S will achieve its mission and win... "

Mr. Liu Shuxiong, chairman of Yum! Brands, and Mr. Zhang Jian, executive president, gave the lion the spotlight

happy auspicious lion congratulated Yum! Brands on its "booming business and great success in production"

everyone cut the ribbon together, and congratulated Yum! Brands on the new plant in Suzhou, which was put into production. The deafening sound of firecrackers burst out, conveying full of joy and blessings

it can be said that "the sound of firecrackers is loud, and the output is high all the way; gongs and drums are singing together, and the output is increasing"

BDS Suzhou factory is planned and constructed according to the modern concept of "world-class manufacturing factory". The production workshop covers an area of 25000 square meters, and the office area covers an area of 9200 square meters. There are two production lines and a total of four production workshops, including cabinet, European, sliding door and veneer workshops

advanced production equipment from Germany Haomai and Germany winconair, efficient flexible production lines in Germany, and scientific planning and design of Germany Shule are introduced throughout the line All this is just for moving forward towards industry 4.0 fully automated production! Struggle

at present, the workshop equipment has invested 40million yuan, and the world's advanced German HOMAG cutting, edge banding, punching, plastic suction, carving and other production equipment, as well as fully automatic and semi-automatic power roller conveying equipment, have been fully introduced. The products are of higher quality and production efficiency

fully automatic power roller conveyor system

semi-automatic roller conveyor system

the annual production capacity of Suzhou new factory phase I can reach 400 million. The production of BDS Suzhou plant provides a strong guarantee for the efficient supply of BDS to the national market. In particular, it is more convenient to serve consumers in East and North China markets, reduce logistics costs and improve the profitability of dealers

all guests and new and old dealers visited the new factory together

with firecrackers, gongs and drums, machines roaring, the first batch of Suzhou factory production orders officially started production. Now, Suzhou new factory, Guangzhou General Factory and the second factory go hand in hand and work together. A brand-new future is coming to Baidesheng. In the future, Baidesheng will win




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