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The design method of modern simple style, with furniture with simple shape and fashionable beauty as indoor furnishings, with simple decoration and multifaceted window design, makes this originally spacious and bright room more bright. Enjoy the modern and simple three bedroom and two hall fashion home of China Merchants Yonghua mansion with Xiaobian. Good design can be used for reference

[style analysis]: modern simple style modern style decoration features: it is composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stems, flower buds, grapevines, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy body patterns in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattice and furniture. Some of the lines are gentle and elegant, and some are powerful and rhythmic. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly and rhythmic curves. Iron components are widely used, and new processes such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron products and ceramic products are comprehensively used indoors. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas into the interior decoration art

decoration files:

decoration community: China Merchants Yonghua mansion (more decoration renderings of China Merchants Yonghua mansion) decoration company: arachi decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: modern simple contract amount: 120000

very simple modern simple style living room design, multi-faceted window design is the biggest highlight of this living room, The warm sunshine shines into the room, which improves the brightness, renders a very warm atmosphere, and widens the field of vision. I feel really good. The off white fabric sofa in the picture is low-key and beautiful. The oversized antique vase adds a retro flavor to this modern space, and the decoration of flowers enhances the interest of life

the open kitchen decoration design makes the vision more expansive and the space more spacious and atmospheric. The colors of the white kitchen and the living room in the picture reflect each other. The modern simple style cabinet is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also very practical. The powerful storage function ensures the tidiness and order of the space, creates a refreshing and comfortable cooking atmosphere, and allows you to easily make delicious food, Enjoy the fun of making delicious food easily. In addition, it is also very good to put bar chairs on the outside of the cupboard and decorate it as a small bar area

the design of the bedroom is very simple. It takes the modern simple style as the leading factor to show the simple aesthetic feeling, sets off the atmospheric and elegant atmosphere with simple indoor furniture decoration, and the bright windows introduce sufficient natural light to make the space extremely bright. At the same time, the beautiful scenery of the outdoor city can not help but broaden the field of vision. Simple decoration highlights the owner's low-key and elegant life interest

square space, reasonable and orderly planning and layout, simple and low-key sanitary ware, and simple design effect make people feel that it is also very atmospheric. Some artistic collocations in the picture make the bathroom very different in an instant, quite artistic, highlighting the elegant aesthetics of the owner, and also showing the personality of this modern simple style bathroom

[introduction to China Merchants yonghuafu community] located in Nanhu group in Hongshan District, west of luoliang road and south of nanhu road, it is the central hub of Nanhu New Town in Wuchang, enjoying the triple radiation of Central South business district, jiejiekou business district and East Lake High Tech Development Zone. The surrounding traffic of the project is convenient and the supporting facilities are mature: dozens of bus lines are surrounded, and the planned double subway line, parrot Yangtze River Bridge and the second ring road are close at hand. It only takes 3.1 kilometers to Wuchang railway station and about 10 minutes to Zhongnan business district and jiejiekou business district. It also covers many colleges and universities such as Polytechnic, Wuhan University and Huashi Normal University, forming a prosperous, convenient and elegant intellectual living atmosphere in a mature living area

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