The hottest wind power in the 12th Five year plan

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"12th Five Year Plan" wind power enters the strategic transformation period offshore wind power starts

"12th Five Year Plan" wind power enters the strategic transformation period offshore wind power starts

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Guide: focus on base construction and large-scale development to both large-scale and decentralized development. Offshore wind power has also become a key future. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the renewable energy and new energy department of the national energy administration, said in an interview, Summing up the experience of wind power development, China will no longer blindly develop large-scale wind power base in the future

shift from focusing on base construction and large-scale development to focusing on both large-scale and decentralized development, and offshore wind power has become the focus of the future.

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the renewable energy and new energy department of the national energy administration, said in an interview that summarizing the experience of wind power development, China will no longer develop large-scale wind power bases in the future, but also encourage decentralized development. He also said that offshore wind power is not only the trend of international energy development, but also the future development focus of China's wind power

it is understood that in the first quarter, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China reached 33.94 million KW, generating 18.8 billion kwh, approaching 20.58 billion kwh of nuclear power, a year-on-year increase of 60.4%, with a good development momentum; The phenomenon of power rationing that occurred intensively in the past year and several recent off-line accidents have also exposed some problems in the development. This statement by the national energy administration is regarded as a signal for the adjustment of wind power development ideas

advocating decentralized development

Shi Lishan pointed out that in the direction of wind power development, in the past, advocating the establishment of large bases and the integration of large power has promoted the large-scale development of wind power. However, at present, he hopes to support regions with less abundant resources, such as Yunnan, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Shandong, Shanxi, Chongqing, Guizhou, Tibet and Sichuan, to develop low wind speed wind farms and advocate decentralized development. "The two are not contradictory, but walk on two legs."

Heyan, executive director and deputy general manager of Huaneng new energy company, believes that the decentralized development idea can effectively alleviate the current development bottleneck of wind power due to the problem of "abandoning wind power and limiting power" and ensure the development scale of wind power during the 12th Five Year Plan period

most of China's wind resources are located in the "Three North", which is inversely distributed with the load center. As the installed scale of wind power has doubled in five years, the consumption problem has become increasingly prominent. According to xiechangjun, general manager of Guodian Longyuan Power, from January to April this year, Longyuan's power rationing accounted for 16% of the total, while the proportion of regional power rationing in Inner Mongolia reached 40%. Xie Jianning, chairman of Shenhua Guohua Energy, said that last year, the Company Limited 300million kilowatt hours of wind power generation by 3billion kilowatt hours, accounting for 10%. In the first quarter of this year, the power restriction accounted for 16% to 17% of the 1.5 billion kilowatt hours of power generation

xiechangjun introduced that decentralized development refers to directly maintaining the filling content of graphene in wind power at a low level without going through the substation, and then connecting it to rural and low-voltage voltage after boosting. Compared with large-scale centralized development, decentralized development can reduce costs, disperse the accident risk of electricity and alleviate the consumption bottleneck. It is suitable for areas with good electricity structure and limited land area

it is reported that at present, decentralized development has formed a certain scale in Europe, but China only has two demonstration units in Inner Mongolia, which has great potential

Xie Jianning said that Guohua Energy is actively implementing the spirit of the meeting on "decentralized development" of the energy administration, and hopes that the government, power generation enterprises, equipment manufacturers and power companies will work together to strengthen the construction of decentralized wind power. Xiechangjun said that in line with the idea of "decentralized development", Longyuan Power has slowed down its development in areas rich in wind resources such as Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, and turned to areas with good power structure such as Anhui, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Shanxi

start of offshore wind power

Shi Lishan revealed that offshore wind power will be another direction of wind power development in the future

the use of plastics has increased by 210 times. According to xiechangjun, the Yellow Sea is the key area for the development of offshore wind power in China recently, especially the Jiangsu and Shandong offshore wind power bases among the eight kW wind power bases, because the wind speed in these areas is high, but there is no destructive wind. Longyuan plans to start the first batch of offshore wind power concession bidding in the Dafeng intertidal 200000 kW wind power project and Jiangsu Rudong 150000 kW offshore wind power demonstration project at the same time this year, with an expected production scale of 100000 kW

He Yan said that the development of offshore wind power is the embodiment of China's comprehensive national strength. Although offshore wind power has just started, and its development still depends on the running in of all parties, it has broad prospects in the future. "In the next few years, we can achieve a development scale of 300000 to 500000 per year. The demand for lightweight vehicles will be further increased," said xiechangjun

equipment manufacturers also set up offshore wind power early. Last year, Sinovel wind independently developed and successfully produced China's first 5MW offshore wind turbine, and completed the development of the test-bed group of the national energy offshore wind power technology and equipment research and development center. The 34 sets of 3MW offshore wind turbines independently researched and developed by the company were all combined for power generation in Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm, the world's first offshore wind farm outside Europe and China's first national offshore wind power demonstration project, and successfully passed the 240 hour pre acceptance, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises on the manufacturing technology of high-end wind turbines; The intertidal 3MW wind turbine independently developed by the company has been successfully put into operation in Jiangsu Rudong intertidal wind farm

according to xiechangjun, the test of Jiangsu Rudong 30MW intertidal wind farm is in good condition, of which two 3MW intertidal units of Sinovel wind power are in good operation, and the operation record ranks first among the nine suppliers providing equipment (Sinovel, Jinfeng, Mingyang, Shanghai Electric, Yuanjing, haizhuang, Sany and United Power)

xiejianing said that considering that there are still many technical and economic problems to be solved in offshore wind power compared with traditional onshore wind power, he hoped that relevant departments "like in 2005, this kind of liquid crystal polymer fiber was produced by kololi Co., Ltd. of Japan, and the state supported onshore wind power in 2006, they would give a lot of 'awesome' policies to promote the development of offshore wind power"

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