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Wind power equipment manufacturers are preparing for the era of low price and small profits. The annual reports of many listed companies involved in wind power equipment business last year showed that the gross profit margin of wind power business has decreased to varying degrees, which makes people think of the decline in the price of wind power equipment and the fierce market competition since last year

in the face of the increasingly difficult industry situation of maintaining the stability of gross profit margin, wind power equipment manufacturers show their own skills in order to reduce costs, and more enterprises have focused on the offshore wind power equipment market with high gross profit expectations

equipment gross profit affected by price decline

Huayi Electric's 2009 annual report shows that among the company's main products, the operating profit margin of wind power equipment was 17.14%, a year-on-year decline of 5.81%

coincidentally, according to the 2009 annual report of Sinovel cast steel, among the company's main products, the gross profit margin of castings was only 19.93%, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 4 percentage points. Among them, the gross profit margin of power plant cast iron, which is mainly used for wind power devices, was 19.47% last year, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 7 percentage points, and the gross profit margin of power plant cast steel fell by 1.15 percentage points

the gross profit margin of wind power business of many equipment manufacturers has maintained steady growth. Among them, the gross profit margin of wind power equipment of Goldwind technology, Xiangdian Co., Ltd. and other companies increased to varying degrees last year. Analysts believe that Goldwind technology is a fully developed wind power equipment supplier. Due to its scale effect, the slight decline in equipment prices will not have a great negative impact on the performance of the enterprise on September 22 this year

in an interview with China Securities Journal, Wugang, the chairman of Goldwind technology, said that the price of wind turbine has decreased significantly since last year, and the company has also felt the impact of this change on the company, but the company will make various efforts to cope with it and strive to maintain a steady growth in profits

analysts believe that even for the industry leaders, the gross profit margin of the wind power equipment industry has basically ended the high growth level of previous years, because the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the bid price of equipment has declined. According to the data, the price of 1.5 MW wind turbine in 2008 was about 6000 yuan/kW, and now it has dropped to less than 5000 yuan/kW

however, considering the environmental conditions of wind hydraulic system, the prosperity of indoor and outdoor electrical equipment industry still supports the performance of many equipment manufacturers. Even listed companies such as Sinovel cast steel and Huayi Electric, whose gross profit margin declined, saw considerable growth in the revenue of wind power business in 2009

compete for the high gross profit cake of offshore wind power

while enjoying the favorable market growth, how to ensure a stable gross profit margin is a major issue faced by wind power equipment manufacturers

WISCO said that at present, the price of wind power equipment is close to the bottom line, and further decline may hurt the difference in experimental speed, which will clearly affect the normal development of the industry. He said that at present, there are worrying problems in the production of domestic wind power equipment, such as focusing on quantity rather than quality, and low prices rather than vicious bidding in promoting online transactions. There are also many examples of wind farms affecting their normal operation due to equipment quality problems. Therefore, investors in wind farms should not only focus on price rather than quality when purchasing equipment

in addition to reducing costs through traditional ways such as expanding scale and reducing management costs to ensure the growth of gross profit margin, many wind power equipment manufacturers have set their sights on the offshore wind power market with high gross profit expectations

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, said at the industry forum that he would soon organize bidding for large-scale offshore wind power concession projects

analysts believe that compared with the fierce competition in the onshore wind power equipment market, the entry threshold of offshore wind power is higher, and its electricity price is higher, which can bear higher equipment costs. Therefore, market entrants are expected to obtain higher gross profit rate in the initial period. This consensus has also led onshore wind power equipment manufacturers to sharpen their heads and enter the arena of offshore wind power

however, at present, industry leaders such as Goldwind technology and Sinovel are more likely to be admitted with their strength and brands. A number of equipment manufacturers, including Goldwind technology, are ready to face the bidding for offshore wind power concessions

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