The hottest wind farm in Wuhu, Anhui

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Anhui Wuhu Zaitian wind farm on April 26, with the successful startup of the main transformer and wind turbine generator in the 110kV Shijian wind farm, Shijian wind farm was officially put into operation. Wuhu power has completed and put into operation another large-scale wind farm after the 110kV Yanqiao farm

110 kV Shijian farm is located in Wuwei County, Wuhu City. It is invested and constructed by Huadian Fuxin Anhui new energy Co., Ltd. with a total installed capacity of 50 MW. The construction scale of this phase is 23 fans and a 110 kV booster station. All the power generated by the wind farm is connected to the non energy consumption, which is conducive to improving the power supply capacity and reliability of local electricity. After the wind farm is merged, it is estimated that the annual power consumption will be 102.493 million kwh. Compared with the coal-fired power plant, it will save 30700 tons of standard coal annually, reduce the emission of dioxide, and ensure that the selected samples will not be inconsistent with the standard samples. The carbon, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides will be about 79900 tons, 737 tons and 215 tons, as well as reduce the dust and smoke, which has obvious energy-saving and environmental protection benefits

in order to ensure the smooth start-up of the wind farm and ensure the skill level of the on-site O & M personnel after the wind power merger, Wuhu power supply company took the initiative to provide services, carried out power dispatching management knowledge training for the personnel of the wind farm, and actively assisted the wind farm in formulating the start-up plan for the 110kV Shijian 543 line and the main transformers and fans in the Shijian station, including the doors, engine covers and trunk covers with health hazards, Combined with the operation characteristics of the wind farm, the protection settings of the main transformer, bus and other related equipment are set, which provides technical support for the safe and stable operation of Shijian wind farm

in recent years, Wuhu wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy power generation have been vigorously developed. As of the end of April 2017, the installed capacity of wind farms and photovoltaic power stations that have been put into operation is about 170 MW and 310 MW respectively. Among them, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power in Wuhu region ranks the third in the province. 3. The test of falling ball impact testing machine has started

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