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Enterprises applying for the national standard of wind power coatings are waiting for it. Enterprises applying for the national standard of wind power coatings are here to provide you with more advice for your reference. On December 6, 2011, according to zhaoxiaodong, vice president of Changzhou tuzhiju data Chemical Research Institute, The national standard for wind power coatings protection and construction specifications for wind farm coatings, which was developed under the leadership of Changzhou coating Chemical Research Institute, has applied to the National Standards Committee for project approval

it is understood that with the explosive growth of China's wind power industry in recent years, the development space of wind power coatings is also expanding day by day. However, there is no national standard for wind power coating in China's coating industry. Currently, there are only a few standards related to wind turbine blades, wind turbine safety and wind turbine tower. Zhaoxiaodong said that the parts of these standards related to coatings are not comprehensive. Unlike foreign standards, they have provisions on all aspects of anti-corrosion technology. This has resulted in the lack of clear technical reference for domestic coating enterprises in the research and development of wind power coatings. Generally, enterprise standards are formulated based on their own understanding and some requirements provided by manufacturers according to the shortage of waste plastic particles. However, the standards of various enterprises are uneven, resulting in different product quality

however, zhaoxiaodong said that due to different geographical environments, domestic standards will not completely copy foreign standards. For example, wind turbine blade coating standard. As modern large-scale wind blades mainly originate from the countries near the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in North Central Europe, which are deeply affected by the North Atlantic warm current and dominated by a warm and humid temperate marine monsoon climate, their wind sources are characterized by high water content and extremely low sand content and floating dust. Therefore, their leaf coating standards take the rain resistance and corrosion resistance as their main detection indicators. However, the main wind farm in China is located in the wind sand impact area, which is dry and rainless. The destruction of the fan peripheral system mainly comes from the wind sand erosion. Therefore, foreign wind power coating standards are not suitable for the actual situation of our country

at present, many enterprises in the industry are waiting for the formulation of national standards for wind power coatings. Some enterprises believe that the national standards should be formulated according to local conditions, taking full account of the environmental differences in the distribution of wind farms in North and South China. For example, the damage of wind farms in the North mainly comes from the erosion of sand particles, while the damage of wind farms in the South mainly comes from the erosion of water vapor. The threat of offshore wind power comes from both the corrosion of seawater and salt fog and water vapor. Zhaoxiaodong said that these ideas and suggestions will be taken into account in the process of formulating the national standard. The standard formulation working group will make overall consideration to ensure that the standards issued at that time can not only provide a clear technical reference for each coating enterprise in the research and development of related products, produce high-quality products that meet the needs of users, but also regulate and guide the market, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the wind power coating industry

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