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If your family also has an old house, you must learn more about relevant information before decoration, because there is still a big difference between old house decoration and new house decoration. Today we will learn about the common sense and precautions of 60 square meters old house decoration. Old house decoration involves many problems, demolition and irregular house type, which need designers to design according to local conditions, As for the decoration of the 60 square meter old house, you should also pay attention to the inconvenience caused by space constraints. When choosing furniture, you should also pay special attention to the size. Only in this way can the renovated old house glow with new brilliance. Next, let's enjoy the decoration cases of 60 square meters old houses and some common sense we need to know

if you also have an old house, you must know more about relevant information before decoration, because there is still a big difference between the decoration of old houses and the decoration of new houses. Today we will learn about the common sense and precautions of the decoration of 60 square meters old houses. The decoration of old houses involves many problems, such as the demolition of old houses and the irregularity of house types, which need designers to design according to local conditions, As for the decoration of the 60 square meter old house, you should also pay attention to the inconvenience caused by space constraints. When choosing furniture, you should also pay special attention to the size. Only in this way can the renovated old house glow with new brilliance. Next, let's enjoy the decoration cases of 60 square meters old houses and some common sense we need to know

I. appreciation of 60 square meter old house decoration cases

due to the previous pattern and poor dynamic line, adults and children often just want to stay in their own room as soon as they go home. Therefore, the hostess hopes to take this opportunity to create a living room and open kitchen area where families can get together and share together. Of course, she doesn't have to be locked in the narrow and dark kitchen in the past to prepare meals alone

the re created pattern and moving line make the spatial expression look new. First, the entrance porch area. The designer defines the porch and kitchen with the new two-sided cabinet machine, and paves exquisite hexagonal tiles on the ground with the wide surface of the high cabinet, which is clearly divided into the inside and outside with the wood grain bricks paved all over the room. The lighting, brick texture and color button devices on the white wall attached to the cabinet can play a unique welcoming effect

cultural stones are used from the main wall of the living room to the door, and a comfortable open reading area is cut out behind the sofa. The multi-functional axis connecting the high cabinet in the porch to the dining table in Zhongdao realizes the long-awaited dream of an open kitchen of the hostess

from the side of the high cabinet in the porch, a Zhongdao high platform with full mood is extended. This ingenious idea not only makes the kitchen axis complete, but also the best adhesion between kitchens. Of course, it also makes the hostess look forward to it for a long time

the dream of an open kitchen with both taste and practicality has come true! The living room near the window is bright and spacious. The secret lies in that the designer specially creates a half wall in a proper position behind the sofa, which is used as the back of the sofa and the front block of the desk, and cooperates with the local raised floor to mark the open reading area. On the one hand, it enriches the spatial level and leisure function, and at the same time, it also maintains the free flow of vision and light. From the porch to the long wall of the living room, the simple cultural stones are uniformly selected to brew a warm tone, In addition to the established scope of TV main wall, it is also included in the setting of piano area

due to the need for at least three rooms in the home, after planning a spacious and comfortable public area, although the occurrence of the corridor is inevitable, the designer can still modify the placement of the kitchen refrigerator by lengthening the wall line through precise n-cutting, and enlarge the depth of one of the children's rooms, so as to reduce the proportion of the corridor, and even modify the secondary sanitary entrance at the bottom of the corridor

generally speaking, there are many invisible projects in the reconstruction of old houses, among which the pipeline and waterway are the most important. One of the most satisfying points for the owner is that the designer plans the two bathrooms side by side through the pattern reset, and makes good use of the location to focus on the local terrace to facilitate the drainage. The bathroom contains bathroom equipment and material details, which is also extremely exquisite, and really creates a happy home

the color of the master bedroom is warm, and pure wood is the most soothing. The eldest daughter's room selects lively apple green to enter the mirror, and the hardware design is both ergonomic and practical. The second daughter's room is themed with grey blue, and the best lighting in front of the window is planned as the reading area

II. Decoration design skills of 60 square meters old houses

1. Basic principles of practicality and simplicity

old houses represent the consumption trend of an era. Its architectural design structure mostly stays at the level of meeting people's basic requirements. The living room and kitchen bathroom are narrow, which can only meet the basic needs of daily life. It is very different from the modern pattern of large living room, large kitchen bathroom and small bedroom. Therefore, when decorating the old house, we should strive to be concise and practical, and there is no need to make the originally narrow use space more crowded. Before transforming the non load-bearing structure of the house, we must consult professionals first. Don't make your own decisions and transform without authorization, so as not to bring unsafe hidden dangers to the future residence. It is recommended to find a qualified professional construction team for decoration

2. Wall reconstruction wallpaper clever use

the reconstruction of the wall, ground and top of the old house is very important. It is best to invite professionals to conduct a field survey of the house to see whether there are obvious cracks, flatness, peeling and sanding. If these conditions exist, repair treatment should be carried out first, including removing oil stains on the wall, powdered wall paint, etc., and repairing the base, cracks and holes with cement mortar. After repair, a layer of primer shall be applied to make the base firm, and to prevent the base from changing due to alkali efflorescence and moisture in the future, and then the emulsion paint diluted in proportion shall be used for finishing. You can change the style of the house by changing the color of the wall paint or choosing wallpapers and walls with different patterns, so as to change your mood. For the treatment of the ground, you can pave the wooden floor or marble on the original cement floor, and try to choose light colors, because the area of the old house is generally small, and light colors can visually expand the area of the house

3. Transformation of doors and windows from balcony to study

many old houses now have aging doors and windows. First, the wooden doors and windows are peeling and deformed; Second, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows falls off, and the main body is corroded or cracked. Perform ‘ Secondary decoration ’ Most of the houses are decorated 8 to 10 years ago. In order to expand the living space, the owners often hope to connect the balcony with the room, but the fact is that there is a load-bearing wall under the window between the room and the balcony, which plays a role of supporting the balcony and must not be dismantled. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner should remove the original door leading to the balcony and replace it with a sliding door, making the balcony a transparent study, avoiding the single function of the balcony in the past, which can only dry clothes, and making reasonable use of the living area

4. Water and electricity transformation depends on the situation.

in the past, the line layout of houses was set according to the situation at that time. Many old houses have the phenomenon of aging wires and illegal wiring, especially the layout of some water and heating pipelines has many unreasonable places. Professional personnel must be invited to carry out the transformation of water, heating and electricity projects. For example, before decorating the toilet, the floor drain should be blocked first and water test should be carried out, If there is water leakage, it must be waterproof again; The original waterway should be checked for corrosion and aging, and unreasonable ones should be replaced during construction; For concealed works, professional quality inspectors must be invited to inspect whether it is reasonable and whether the load of wires meets the standard. For the old houses that have not been used for a long time and the property has carried out the secondary expansion of the circuit in recent years, there is no need to completely transform the circuit. Only replace the wires connecting high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners with 4mm2 wires

water and circuit reconstruction will be one of the most complex projects of old house reconstruction. First of all, the decoration team is requested to conduct a closed water test on the toilet to strictly check the waterproof situation. First block the floor drain, put about 5cm of water, and conduct the water pouring test. If it leaks, it must be waterproof again; The original waterway shall be checked for corrosion and aging. Because galvanized pipes are harmful to human health, they have been banned by the Ministry of construction. If the original pipelines are galvanized pipes, it is best to replace them with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes. You can also lay hot water pipes according to your own situation. The cost of waterway reconstruction in the market is about 30-50 yuan/meter

III. precautions for the decoration of 60 square meters old house

1. The aluminum wire of circuit transformation must be changed to copper wire

the wire of the old house has only one or two circuits, not even telephone line and TV line, not to mention broadband access and LAN. Therefore, circuit reconstruction may be a process of rewiring

at present, there are at least four circuits in the family, usually lighting, air conditioning and sockets. The advantage of this is that once a short circuit or other problems occur in a certain line, the scope of power failure is small and the normal work of other lines will not be affected

in addition, if the old house uses aluminum wire, it must be removed, because aluminum wire can no longer meet the needs of modern household electricity. The construction personnel must not only change the wires at the switches and plugs in order to deal with the owner, otherwise it will bury potential safety hazards for the owner to use electricity in the future. After removing the old wire, replace it with plastic copper wire. According to the new standard, the cross-section of the incoming line of each house should not be less than 10 square millimeters. In this way, for ordinary families, 1.5 square millimeter line is used for lamps, 2.5 square millimeter line for switches and sockets, and 4 square millimeter line should be used separately for the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners

2. Increase the installation position and quantity of

switches and sockets in the room, which should be carefully considered when wiring. The height of the switch or socket in the same room should be the same. Generally, the switch should be 1.4m away from the ground and the socket should be 0.3m away from the ground; The switches of the lobby and living room should be installed in the place where it is easy to reach as soon as the owner opens the door when he comes home. The number of sockets in the house should not be too small. If the number of sockets is too small, users have to pull wires and connect socket boards randomly, resulting in unsafe hidden dangers. Therefore, the number of sockets should be considered in advance to minimize the use of wiring boards by residents in the future. Generally speaking, two sockets should be set in a room, and the number of sockets in a two bedroom residence should not be less than 14

3. The wall reconstruction distinguishes the age of the house

the walls of houses built in different ages are treated differently. Generally speaking, the walls of buildings built in the 1950s and 1970s are treated with sand ash, and the surface is brushed or sprayed with white powder

the walls of buildings in the 1980s were scraped with plaster, and the usual method of wall decoration was to brush latex paint. The exterior walls of buildings in the 1990s were well insulated when they were delivered for use, and latex paint coatings can be directly painted. For buildings built in the late 1990s, the construction unit generally does not deal with the wall surface, but can directly operate according to the current wall decoration process

4. Changing doors and windows, aluminum-plastic windows are popular.

doors and windows in old houses should also be one of the key points of transformation. The aging degree of doors and windows can be divided into several situations. First, if the wooden doors and windows are deformed, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed, and they must be removed and redone. If the material is not deformed, the decorative panel can be pasted during the secondary construction and used; Second, if the steel doors and windows are deformed




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