Precautions for geothermal floor in use

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Due to the particularity of its function and the complexity of geothermal system, the maintenance of geothermal floor has its own uniqueness compared with ordinary floor, and special attention should be paid to heating and moisturizing

due to the particularity of its function and the complexity of its geothermal system, the maintenance of geothermal floor has its own uniqueness compared with ordinary floor, and special attention should be paid to heating and moisturizing

◇ pay attention to heating step by step

when using geothermal heating for the first time, pay attention to heating slowly. When it is used for the first time, it should be gradually heated up in the first three days: the water temperature is 18 ℃ on the first day, 25 ℃ on the second day, 30 ℃ on the third day, and can rise to the normal temperature on the fourth day, that is, the water temperature is 45 ℃, and the surface temperature is 28 ℃ ~30 ℃. Do not heat up too fast. If it is too fast, the floor may crack and distort due to expansion. In addition, when the geothermal heating system is used again after a long time, it should also be heated strictly according to the heating program as it was used for the first time

◇ the ground temperature should not be too high

it should be noted that when using geothermal heating, the ground temperature should not exceed 28 ℃, and the water pipe temperature should not exceed 45 ℃. If it exceeds this temperature, it will affect the service life and service cycle of the floor. For ordinary families, when the room temperature reaches about 22 ℃ in winter, it is already very comfortable. If the temperature rises normally, it will not affect the use of geothermal floors

◇ pay attention to the amount of formaldehyde released from the floor

due to the limitation of the geothermal system, at present, the only flooring that can be adopted by the geothermal system is laminate flooring and solid wood laminate flooring. And these two kinds of floors have the problem of formaldehyde release. Presumably, everyone has been familiar with formaldehyde for a long time. Formaldehyde is a strong carcinogen, especially for pregnant women and children. Now urban people are "not afraid of fakes and formaldehyde". The base material of the composite floor is man-made board. The internal formaldehyde release period is 3-15 years, and the formaldehyde release intensifies with the increase of temperature. The geothermal system can increase the formaldehyde release of the floor

here we need to know two points: first, both E1 and E0 floors have formaldehyde release, which is nothing more than the size of the release, but formaldehyde release is harmful to human health, especially for children who like to crawl and play on the floor; 2、 We often say that formaldehyde emission refers to the emission of the external surface of the floor, rather than the emission of formaldehyde inside the floor. The formaldehyde content inside the floor is higher, and because we inevitably have to cut the floor to adapt to different ground conditions in the process of floor installation (such as cutting the floor in the middle when the floor is wrongly connected, cutting the floor when the floor size cannot exactly match the ground, etc.), it will increase the emission of formaldehyde from the floor

this problem was originally a difficult problem for economical, affordable and durable composite flooring, but it was ignored because the geothermal system was not popularized in the past. With the popularization of geothermal system, the seriousness of this problem is increasingly exposed. Fortunately, the development of things has two sides. If there is a problem, there is a way to solve it. At present, the emergence of the "world without Thieves" brand "floor companion" produced by Jinyu group, China's top building materials group, which can effectively remove the pollution of formaldehyde, mold and bacteria on the floor, perfectly solves this problem and also provides a safety guarantee for users who like the floor. If the family does not use the "floor companion" in advance, it is necessary to pay attention to the formaldehyde emission in the home at all times. If necessary, it should be treated to avoid endangering the health of the family

◇ turn off the geothermal system and pay attention to the gradual cooling

with the passage of the season, when the weather is warm and the indoor heating of the geothermal system is no longer required, it should be noted that there should also be a process to turn off the geothermal system, and the cooling process of the floor should also be gradual, not sudden drop. If the cooling speed is too fast, it will also affect the service life of the floor. In cold winter, there is no one in the room at ordinary times, which can reduce heating and cooling, but the valve cannot be closed, and must be controlled above 0 ℃

◇ humidification can be considered when the room is too dry

the dry climate in winter, coupled with the use of geothermal heating, the floor is easy to dry and crack under the condition of high temperature for a long time. At this time, it is necessary for the owner to humidify the room to prevent the floor from drying and deformation

◇ try to maintain air circulation on the floor surface

as the floor surface is a heat dissipation surface, try not to make fixed decorative parts or place legless furniture on the floor, and it is not suitable to build a platform, so as not to affect the flow of hot air, resulting in poor heating effect in the room. Because the surface temperature of the floor is relatively high, it is best not to place glassware and porcelain containing water directly on the ground in winter in rooms using geothermal heating system, so as to avoid the cracking of utensils due to uneven heating, thermal expansion and contraction, and the "water overflows the Golden Mountain" in the home




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