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Suifu door and window suggests planting your favorite flowers quietly in the sunshine room that is often gently soothed by the sun. Take good care of it, wait for the flowering period to come, and bursts of fragrance will stretch out with twoorthree petals. It must be very beautiful

when we want to plant some plants in the sunshine room, we should pay attention to the combination of the good sealing of the sunshine room, and the selected species should be plants that are sunny, drought tolerant and have developed roots. Adjust measures to local conditions, and choose the appropriate plant varieties according to the orientation of the balcony

in the area divided into small gardens in the sunshine room, the floor tiles need not be laid too flat, and it is more suitable to preserve the water and soil components if some gullies are left. The floor drain is located lower than the ground to facilitate the outflow of excess water. Do a good job in the isolation layer to avoid sediment loss and pipe blockage

too many plants should not be planted next to the furniture in the sunshine room. When a corner needs to be arranged as a storage place, the place should be kept dry, so the spatial layout in the sunshine room should be well planned. Pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of furniture

be careful when planting green plants in the sunshine room, because not all plants are suitable for indoor planting. Some flowers and plants will produce peculiar smell, and some will even consume indoor oxygen, or emit a lot of exhaust gas, which will virtually affect human health

Suifu windows and doors tell you that there are many kinds of sunshine houses, among which the bridge broken aluminum sunshine house can more effectively block the cold and hot air indoors and outdoors. At the same time, the broken bridge aluminum sunshine room greatly reduces the indoor energy loss and ensures the functionality and comfort of the sunshine room

build a broken bridge aluminum sunshine room behind the house, plant seeds in the appropriate season, and then enjoy different scenery during the blooming period. Choose the bridge broken aluminum sunshine room, and you can choose Suifu doors and windows 。




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