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Sinotruk high-end Motorhome opens a new life for Chinese tourism

sinotruk high-end Motorhome opens a new life for Chinese tourism

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recently, the 2015 Zhongwei Motorhome living Tourism Cultural Festival was held in Shapotou scenic spot, Zhongwei city. As the only heavy truck enterprise participating in the exhibition, sinotruk took five high-end man technology products and one man technology engine to the exhibition. During the exhibition, a total of 10 vehicles were ordered, of which 3 sets of 540 HP t7H were delivered to users on site

in this exhibition, SINOTRUK, with the theme of "enjoy with Manchester United" and five high-end and atmospheric Manchester United metal material experimental machine technologies, which produce harmful and non profitable products, attracted a large number of customers to watch and consult. In particular, the Mercedes Benz green 540 HP t7H tractor on the scene became a highlight of the exhibition. Interested customers asked for group photos and boarding experience, and many customers ordered cars on site

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