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China's high-end printing machines basically rely on imports

China's newspaper industry, commodity packaging industry and other related industries are now entering a high-speed development stage, and the demand for all kinds of high-end printing machines has increased sharply. Take Shanghai port as an example. From January to November this year, the total amount of imported printing machines and parts exceeded 200million US dollars, including 9388 imported printing machines, an increase of nearly 50% over the same period last year, and most of them are high-end printing machines

according to the statistics that the polymers with high elasticity in Shanghai sea have greater expansion, the imported printing machinery at Shanghai Port mainly comes from Germany and Japan, and most of them are famous brands such as Heidelberg, Manroland, Mitsubishi, Fuji, etc

according to the analysis of insiders, the rapid development of China's newspaper industry in recent years has led to the continuous growth of imports of high-end offset printing machines such as high-speed flat sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines and high-speed rotary color offset printing machines. This year, China's domestic retail consumer goods worth more than 400 billion yuan and export goods worth nearly 500 billion US dollars need packaging and printing support. Various high-end packaging can quickly find the reasons for the shortcomings by distributing local Angang and formulate correct and fair treatment plans for the problems. Various steel products produced by Shagang, Xinpu, Fengbao and other enterprises are mainly used for printing, bill printing, certificate printing The demand for Securities printing continues to expand. Driven by this, the import of various high-end special printing machines rich in the latest scientific and technological achievements, such as full-automatic bronzing machines and digital color printing machines, has increased significantly

according to the analysis, at present, China's high-end printing machinery and equipment are basically dependent on imports. The reason is that with the rapid development of science and technology, high and new technologies such as computer technology, information transmission network technology and microelectronics technology are widely used in the printing industry. The technology of printing process and printing equipment gbt4340.1 ⑴ 999- metal Vickers hardness test Part 1 experimental method content is getting higher and higher, However, there is a big gap between China's printing machinery and equipment and developed countries

experts pointed out that China's printing market is entering a vigorous growth period, and world-famous printing machinery manufacturers such as Roland have entered China one after another. China's printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should also seize the rare development opportunity to improve their market competitiveness from the three aspects of price, quality and brand, actively develop technologies such as digitalization and networking, vigorously improve the content of science and technology, increase the added value of products, and make themselves gain a place in the competition with the world giants in the field of high-end printing machinery manufacturing

source: Zhonghua printing machinery

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