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Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, August 2 - on August 1, Shenyang Machine Tool Group announced that it had successfully developed and industrialized the Feiyang CNC system, which represents the world's first-class level. This indicates that China has basically mastered the core technology of the CNC system synchronized with the advanced level of the contemporary world

from this year, Shenyang machine tools equipped with Feiyang CNC system will be introduced to the market in batches. China's middle - and high-end CNC machine tools will be equipped with China's independently developed CNC system for the first time, and China has begun to have its own middle - and high-end CNC machine tools in a complete sense

previously, on the auto parts production line of Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Group, 10 sets of vertical machining equipped with Feiyang CNC system could be completed in sequence after one setting; The center's products have been running for more than two months without stopping for 24 hours

CNC system is known as the "brain" of CNC machine tools. It is the core component of CNC machine tools, and its value accounts for about 30% of the value of the whole machine tools. In the past, the CNC systems configured for China's medium - and high-end CNC machine tools were all imported. The CNC systems of Shenyang Machine Tool Group mainly came from German Siemens

guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, told that the reason why he made up his mind to organize the development of CNC system was to realize the integration of "brain" and "body" of Chinese CNC machine tools

in order not to be an agent of CNC systems of foreign manufacturers, Chinese CNC machine tools must be equipped with their own "brain", and first of all, they must break through the strict technical blockade in the field of CNC system development of foreign manufacturers. In the case that no domestic machine tool enterprise has tried to independently develop the numerical control system, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has bravely become the "first in China". They introduced the technology of Italian FIDIA company, whose CNC system design and manufacturing are at the world's top level. After three years of digestion, absorption and innovation, the technicians have mastered a number of core technologies of CNC systems, including real-time control technology, servo control algorithm and digital bus technology. They have successfully developed two series of 3D printing materials, f0m for machining centers and f0t for CNC lathes. At present, there are few types of 3D printing materials The products with low performance and high price are listed in the list, which has laid a technical foundation for the establishment of its own CNC system software and hardware platform from a high starting point in the future. The follow-up research and development basically covers the food contact materials currently used in China and innovation

it is understood that Shenyang Machine Tool Group, as one of the top ten in the world machine tool industry, after successfully owning its own numerical control system, will completely eliminate the common 3D printing material machine tools developed for jet fusion 3D printers in the next three years to achieve full numerical control

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